100 Rooms Level 25 Walkthrough

Easy walkthrough for 100 Rooms Level 25. 100 Rooms is a famous game for android devices. It’s a classic room escape game with 3D rooms. After the developer release a news set of 6 levels, we startet to create walkthoughs für Level 25 to 30. In this article we will show you an easy solution for 100 Rooms Level 25. This game is in comparison to other games heavier. This is due to the three-dimensional spaces. We would like to share the walkthrough with you. If you have questions to this solutions just write a comment under this article. Have fun with the game and with this tutorial.

Step by Step 100 Rooms Solution:

Go right and tap on the table near the bed. After that, click on the paper towel stand and put it in your inventory.

Level 25 100 Rooms

Go right again and click at the windowsill. Pick up the thing on the white paper and take a scissor.

Level 25 Screenshot

Go right again and click at the colored shapes on the ground.

100 Rooms Level 25 Part 3

Go right to the door an click in the middle of the doorf. Put the paper towel stand in the middle and put the colored shapes on the paper towel.

Correct order:

  1. Green
  2. Red
  3. Pink
  4. Blue
  5. Purple
  6. Yellow

Click at the door to finish 100 Rooms Level 25.

Level 25

Questions? Use the comments!

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