100 Rooms Level 26 Walkthrough

100 Rooms Level 26 Walkthrough. New levels for 100 Rooms arrived. The developer release a full set of 5 new levels for the famous android room escape game. In level 26 the player start in a classic swedisch sauna room and has to solve a little puzzle. We would like to share this easy walkthrough for 100 Rooms Level 26. If you have questions or you can’t pass this level, just write a comment under this article. Let’s check out the full tutorial for the second level of the new september update for 100 Rooms.

100 Rooms Level 26 Solution:

Pick up the goggles near the door.

100 Rooms Level 26 Part 1

Go right and click at the water.

Use the goggles and click at the water. Look inside the water and pick up the chest.

Part 3 Level 26

Go right again an click at the left plant on the bench. Pick up the key at the plant.

Go right and and use the spoon on the water bucket. Use the spoon with water on the hot coals near the bench.

Use the key on the chest and look at the paper. Now just replace the numbers of the paper on the code at the window.
The final code is: 545894

Enter the code at the door and switch to the next level.

100 Rooms Level 26 Walkthrough Part 8

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