Book of Enigmas Page 1 to 50 Answers Android

Book of Enigmas is a new fun game for Android devices. The game of Baflo Games has stormed the charts in the last days of Google Play. The game has a simple gameplay and is really fun and entertaining. On each page there is another puzzle for you to solve. In each puzzle you have to combine three images and guess the resulting answers. At the beginning of the puzzles are very simple. Later in the game from the mysterious book, this is very difficult and almost impossible without solutions. Overall, the game Book of Enigmas features 250 pages with different puzzles. On this page we have published a list with all the answers for page 1 to page 50. We hope the answers will help you further in the game and hope you enjoy it.

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Page 1 to 50 Answers - Book of Enigma

Page 1 to 50 Solution and Answers – Book of Enigmas Android

Page 1  D
Page 2 8
Page 3  Bird
Page 4  Dog
Page 5  Knife
Page 6  Bath
Page 7  Astronaut
Page 8  Pizza
Page 9  Batman
Page 10  Popcorn
Page 11  Vampire
Page 12  Werewolf
Page 13  Key
Page 14  Planets
Page 15  Calcium
Page 16  pencil
Page 17  Cake
Page 18
Page 19
Page 20 1944
Page 21  Cinema
Page 22  Mexico
Page 23  Leonardo Da Vinci
Page 24  The Beatles
Page 25  Egypt
Page 26  Sushi
Page 27  Minecraft
Page 28  Skateboard
Page 29  Fish
Page 30  Weapon
Page 31  Spongebob
Page 32  Sheriff
Page 33  Green
Page 34  Angry Birds
Page 35  Apple
Page 36  Peace
Page 37  Indian
Page 38  Tea
Page 39
Page 40  The Doors
Page 41  War
Page 42  Checkers
Page 43
Page 44  Magic
Page 45 2
Page 46  Cow
Page 47  Ant
Page 48  Titanic
Page 49  Dice
Page 50  Coconut

Other solutions can be found by searching on this website.

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